Halo House

January 2020 - Under Construction

The Halo House attempts to

capture two flavors of light; the thick

- inhabitable and volumetric,

and the thin - grazing and fractured.

Architecture and the Autonomousmobile

May 2015 

A proposal for a future city made possible by the autonomous car

Cenotaph for the Setting Sun


December 2019 - Bidding

The cenotaph for the setting sun uses air as the primary building material.  Reflecting the light of the sunset into a forest, the Cenotaph construct a volume of natural light that can be viewed from all sides.  The horizon line of the distant sunset is transformed into a point (or volume) in space, "clipping" this daily phenomenon into an architectural proposal...

Soon it Would be Too Hot: A Living Unit for the Drowned World

May 2018

It is the year 2118.  The world has become a pixelated archipelago of what it once was.  This proposed framework of buoyant elements imagines an experimental architecture that embraces the rising tides and asks the question "How do we live on the water's surface?"

Dining in a Garden

March 2019

This screen carves out space and makes a breeze of dining outside.  


Situated in a tailored garden, the screen is a backdrop for activity and relaxation, framing views through this little landscape.   

Birds of House Champagne

June 2019

You can find them across our office, our site and on each of our business cards.  These Florida natives keep us busy...

Drawing the Swamp

August 2019

Discovering space inside of a cypress swamp,
is it possible to occupy this place? 

Hate looking at your Neighbors?

April 2018

Then you need a Veil! This 10 foot tall, reflective, glass installation blurs unwanted views and reconstructs only what you want to see.  Scratch that roofline across the street and look out at a collaged image of your lawn.  Dynamic, colorful and mesmerizing; this Veil exaggerates the beauty around you.

Broken and Beautiful

November 2017

Broken cups become a light study in charcoal.  These planar drawings have influenced almost all of the work here at House Champagne.




January 2017

This monolithic fireplace is a custom installation as part of a renovation of an existing house.  Sit down and rub your cheek against this warm heart of the home.


At Home in Florida

The Studio

House Champagne is a partnership between Peter Sprowls and Nic Rabinowitz; Floridians from the two ends of state.  While the work is not limited to Florida, it is the rich, natural beauty of the state that has motivated the work of House Champagne.  An obsession with the sun (logical enough) and memories of Florida’s bygone era as an exotic oasis are at the heart of everything we do.  

In our opinion, to be comfortable in a beautiful place is to experience luxury.  That luxury need not be gilded and unattainable (although gilded is sometimes fun) in the same way that house wine can often be the most desirable thing on the menu.  So let’s get comfortable, indulge in a bit of bubbly and create something beautiful together. Cheers.





Behind the Name

Yes, it was invented while 

at the bar. 




Manuela Niño

Office Manager




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