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Our Practice

House Champagne is a partnership between Peter Sprowls and Nic Rabinowitz; Floridians from the two ends of the state.  While our projects are not limited to Florida, it is the rich, natural beauty of the state that motivates the work of House Champagne.  An obsession with the sun (logical enough) and memories of Florida’s bygone era as an exotic oasis are at the heart of everything we do.  ​


In our opinion, to be comfortable in a beautiful place is to experience luxury.  That luxury need not be gilded and unattainable (although gilded is sometimes fun) in the same way that house wine can often be the most desirable thing on the menu.  So let’s get comfortable, indulge in a bit of bubbly and create something beautiful together. Cheers.

Our Designers

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Nicolas Rabinowitz

Nic is a South Florida native.  He has a Bachelor of Architecture Degree from Cooper Union and a Master's Degree from the University of Florida.  Nic has taught at both the University of Florida and Florida International University School of Architecture.  In academia, he's led architectural design studios and freehand drawing courses at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.  Nic is our in-house drawing expert.  

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Peter was raised in North Florida.  He received his Bachelor of Design Degree from the University of Florida and his Master's of Architecture from Harvard.  Peter currently teaches at both the graduate and undergraduate levels at the University of Florida.  In academia, he leads architectural design studios, history, and urban study seminars.  Peter our resident master craftsman.

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